The front-page rage of the Age (pixilatedpirate) wrote in malanjusted,
The front-page rage of the Age

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Comes across all shy and coy...

Alan's such a nancy boy...!
Why yes, I have made a bunch of Alan icons with miscellaneous Placebo lyrics on them... because I felt that way inclined at the time...

Here they are:

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wonderful!! woosh!!
now you just have to listen to more placebo to understand them! lol ;)
Nice job. LOL
I <3 them all! there even cooler with placebo lyrics
I'll take the nancy boy one. Credit in the keywords!
oh yay! someone has finally used one of my icons! i love you eternally now! go you!
Hey, I just found your web-site and LOVE the format! I love the background of alan and was wondering how you got that? I, if you wouldn't mind, was wondering if I could "steal" your layout and use it in mine? Only thing is, I have NO idea how to add images to my background. I have tried, but to no avail. Even if I can't use your format, would you be so kind as to explain to me how to change mine? Thanks for your help! I LOVE Alan Cumming so much! He is so gorgeous!

Hello thom, my first male alan-loving friend, wheeee!
the background here i made myself, oh yes. and of course you can steal it. you need to go to the faq section, find a link that says 'how do i add a background image', then change the url to that of the image. go to customize journal, then modify journal (if you are using the new sytle of lj), scroll down to the blank text box called 'overrides' and paste the code into there.
i shall add you to my friends list if you have no objections, and my aim is rainbowcarnage72 if you ever want to talk... a girl/boy/whatever can always do with another alan-friend! xx
I am adding you, hope you dont mind and I am taking some lovely Alan icons too :)